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buy Lyrica in canada Anguilla Plus is a great platform that welcomes you to a what this tropical island of Anguilla has to offer!

Our platform is great resource for new visitors and even locals who want to know the hotspots in buy modafinil hong kong Anguilla.Our interactive maps, readily available contact information and restaurant menus makes it easy for you to search and find new or your favorite spots!

We started this journey by highlighting Pretty Little Unique Spots (PLUS) here in more Anguilla!

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The primary purpose of Anguilla Plus is to connect Anguilla with the rest of the world; especially tourists who are interested in luxury tourism. Anguilla Plus is the perfect platform to explore the knowledge about the magical islands, fascinating beaches, extravagant resorts, exquisite hotels and restaurants, fine dining, friendly locals, and all the outdoor adventurers’ one can experience here in beautiful Anguilla.

                                    WELCOME TO ANGUILLA

16 miles long and 3 miles wide, Anguilla is located within the Leeward Islands lying between the majestic Caribbean Sea in the West and the open Atlantic Ocean in the East. The Island is tranquility wrapped in blue with 33 powder-soft sand beaches that brings meaning to this small island. Anguillan Island is one of the few Caribbean islands that remain a British Overseas Territory.

Anguilla is the culinary capital of the Caribbean. On this small island of 35 square miles, more than hundred and fifty amazing restaurants are offering sumptuous food along with a great ambiance and striking views. The grilled fish and peaceful vibes are something you’ll always remember about this small island. Alike other Caribbean islands, Anguilla is enriched in hospitality.

Despite being tiny in size, Anguilla is home to 33 incredible award-winning beaches. It has its distinct personality and layers of treasures to explore. The beaches and tempting climate are the kind of a delightful shock to the soul that everyone needs to recharge their batteries. Whether it’s romantic intimacy, sporty adventure, or just sand, sun, and beach that you need; Anguilla is just what the doctor ordered.

 With beautiful natural landscapes and gorgeous beaches; Anguilla is one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean.
Crawling over every inch of Anguilla will ensure that each beach has its special character. Shoal Bay is one of the most popular tourist beaches in Anguilla. It boasts two miles of plush white sand and scenic coral cliffs. Other than that, distinguished with unique characteristics of intriguing coral formation, and picturesque tropical plants make the Cove Bay an amazing scenic beach in Anguilla. In Anguilla, beachgoers are assured of peace and serenity.
One of the best things about Anguilla is that it is a Paparazzi-free holiday destination. That’s the reason the island is allegedly a favorite amongst many celebrities worldwide.
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Getting to Anguilla is easy, but do remember that there are no connecting flights to Anguilla. Visitors often choose to travel through St. Maarten then takes a boat across the island. This is the easiest, most convenient, and direct way to get here Anguilla Plus offers its guest with sea-shuttle, ferry or air transfer services. Moreover, we also arrange tickets, hotel bookings, and prepare complete itineraries to make your trip one of the memorable trips of your life.
It’s easy to get around and explore this utopian island. Anguilla Plus provides taxi services so that tourists can explore the island in the car. Exploring the island by car is among the favorite things to do in Anguilla because it will help you have quite a collection of stories and photos. Moreover, we also arrange the licenses for our customers too, so that they can drive their car or a rented car.
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Most shoppers head to St. Maarten (a duty-free country) merely 20 minutes away because of the cheaper prices, and the shops are exciting with a wide variety of products. But shopping in Anguilla does exist. The shopping experience at this exotic part of the world is unique too. Mostly, the shops on the island are scattered around. Irie Life, Tranquility, and Limin’ Boutique are among the most visited shops by tourists. Whereas, the Cheddie’s Carving Studio is an amazing gallery that creates beautiful driftwood sculptures.


This is Jahmal Richard – the curator of Anguilla Plus providing my services for the tourists who are lucky enough to explore the magical Anguillan Island. My story started with my passion for photography, traveling, and tourism.
Currently residing in the US and serving as a Software Engineer in a multinational company. Jahmal Richard – a travel enthusiast; born and raised in Anguilla, will be your best guide in the exploration of this beautiful Paradise on Earth, and telling you all circumnavigation stories about Anguilla too. From experiencing laid back vibes of the any of the incredible beach or staying at the luxurious Belmond Cap Juluca to amusing yourself with snorkeling or play golf at the mesmerizing Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa; the assistance of Jahmal Richard will surely add an extra charm in your trip.
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