Anguilla Beaches: What’s It Like At Little Bay Anguilla?

There are so many stunning beaches in Anguilla, one more beautiful than the other. You won’t have time to get bored here because each corner of the island has something unique to offer you. Such corner would be the Little Bay, a gorgeous beach, hidden and protected by massive walls of rock, the cutest getaway on the island. If you plan to spend your vacation in Anguilla, which is probably the best thing you ever chose to do, do not miss the Little Bay. It is one of Anguilla must-see areas, and you will not feel sorry if you decide to go there.

The reason the Little Bay is so beautiful is because accessing it is not the easiest way. There is no road or trailer leading you there. So how will you be able to reach it? There are two ways of getting there, depending on how adventurous you feel. You can descend on the beach, getting down on a rope, alongside the rocky walls. Or you can go there by boat, from the Crocus Bay. The Davidas Restaurant, for instance, can give you a kayak, as a mean to visit the Little Bay. If you think that using a rope is too dangerous, you should know that it is not that hard. A special area for descending and climbing, with the help of a rope, was set in the area, in particular for the people that wish to visit the Little Bay. So you don’t need to have climbing skills to manage this since anyone can do it. Just make sure you have the proper shoes and a backpack with your belongings because you will need both hands free. And do back a bottle of water, sunscreen, and anything necessary, because there is no way to get them once you reached this secluded beach.

Because it is not as easy to reach, the Little Bay is never too crowded. In fact, a “crowd” is considered to be 4 to 5 people at once, which is hardly bothering. There are high chances to enjoy the stunning area all by yourself, which can be the perfect place to relax and unwind. There is nothing like this place elsewhere, the orange and grey-blue rock walls, the green vegetation on the tops, the calm blue waters and corals, a small piece of heaven on Earth. If you like snorkeling, you can grab your gear because this spot can offer you a thrilling experience. Or you can be cliff diving, using The Rock, a large, but not so tall, rock to the north-east side of the beach. You will have to swim to it, or use the boat if you have one, as there isn’t any other way to access it. Again, you will have to use a rope to climb on it. But, you can always just relax here, look at the pelicans that enjoy this peaceful area just as much, swim and sunbathe. It will be like worries never exist, and life can be more than beautiful. The tranquility and sheer beauty of the Little Bay will definitely make an impression.


Things To Do In Anguilla

Compared to some Caribbean islands masquerading as tourist traps, you’ll find something a little more authentic on Anguilla. Secluded and whiter than white beaches, sparkling waters, and friendly locals; Anguilla is an exclusive tranquil beach lover’s paradise that offers several amazing things to do.


Exploring the awe-inspiring islands and gorgeous beaches are among the tourist’s favorite things to do in Anguilla. You must not miss visiting the Sandy Island – a picture-perfect deserted Tropical Island. This island full of mesmerizing sand is a perfect place to enjoy snorkeling; visitors love to indulge in snorkeling while visiting this magical island.
Moreover, do not miss to hike through the “Scrub Island” – a popular spot for outdoorsy tourists. This fascinating island with a stunning beach provides opportunities for hiking and snorkeling for its tourists. The crystal clear water here attracts visitors to experience boating as well.


Anguilla has 33 breathtaking white sand beaches. The beaches on the island are calm, relaxing, and peaceful. Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, Cove Bay, and Rendezvous Bay are some of the spectacular Caribbean beaches. Discovering these unfilled and unspoiled beaches is the most loved activity to do in Anguilla.


Shoal Bay East, Crocus Bay, Sandy Island, Prickly Pear, and Little Bay are some of the most popular sites for snorkeling. The best site for Scuba diving is the Stoney Bay Marine Park. It’s the place where you can witness the shipwreck of the El Buen Consejo ship that sunk in 1772.


If you’re into scuba diving then, go scuba diving at “Dog Island” – the tiny nature-filled island welcomes its adventure-loving tourists with its small pristine crescent beach and crystal blue seawater. Anguilla is also famous for exciting outdoor activities and watersports as well. You can indulge in kite surfing and experience the thrill of kayaking.


A charming 18th Century Catholic Church built with intriguing stones; the “Anguilla’s historic Catholic Church” is an iconic place to visit. To explore Anguilla’s history, the “Anguilla’s Heritage Museum” curated by the founder Colville Petty is a nice spot to visit and it is filled with a decent collection of artifacts.


“East End Pond” is another famous place to visit in Anguilla. This 13 acres protected area is the best place for bird watching. Another famous place for fabulous birds watching is “Meads Bay Pond”.
Other famous places you must not miss visiting include “Fountain Cavern National Park” – the most popular archeological site where tourists can explore numerous archaeological wonders, “Wallblake House” – the oldest structure in Anguilla’s, “Devonish Art Gallery” – home to amazing collections of Caribbean ceramics and art, and the “Katouche Bay” – famous for its amazing Iguana Cave.


Anguilla offers its visitors with 72 hours driving license and 3 months driving license. Do not forget to have any of those licenses because driving around the island is one of the best things to do in Anguilla. It’s easy to drive on this small island and explore the hidden gems of this peaceful tourist paradise.


Anguilla is home to some of the exquisite hotels and luxurious resorts. Anguilla Great House, CuisinArt, and Viceroy are among the top-notch luxurious resorts on this appealing island. Filled with numerous rustic restaurants Anguilla is a perfect place to enjoy a tempting barbecue, roasted chicken, Caribbean lobster, creamy pasta, and fresh garden salad. The restaurants here offer amazing dining experiences to its visitors. “Scilly Cay” – known for its simple menu with fresh grilled chicken, lobster, or crayfish, offers its visitors with a spectacular view. The restaurant you will always remember because of its delicious cuisine, tempting desserts, and extravagant ambiance is the “VEYA” Restaurant. The luxurious restaurant is the best place for all the vegetarians. Moreover, the casual and relaxed “Smokey at the Cove” and the romantic “Mango Seaside Grill” are among the best restaurants in Anguilla.


The days here are long but once the sun does go down, you’’ be treated with one of the best live music scenes in the western hemisphere. There are awesome nightclubs and bars in Anguilla that offers sensational nightlife. To party in the true color of the Caribbean and to experience the reggae fun LIT Lounge is a perfect place that offers great music and amazing drinks. If you’re interested in listening to some nice music while witnessing stunning beachfront views the “Johnno’s Place” offers it all. Other known bars include “Elvis’ beach bar”, “SandBar”, and “Dad’s”.


Top 5 Beaches in Anguilla

Anguilla is a true Caribbean gateway known for its laid back vibes, incredible beaches and luxurious resorts. If you want the best of the Caribbean beaches without the crowds Anguilla is the top-notch tourist spot known for its 33 stunning beaches.

Arguably the most famous beach on the island, Shoal Bay is a flawless glistening strip of sand lined with restaurants and hotels. A perfect spot to flop out on the sandy beach, Shoal Bay offers a wide range of watersports. Shoal Bay – the most photographed beach on the island has all the ingredients that include the fascinating slightly pinkish sand, light trade winds, and marvelous turquoise water. This extraordinarily captivating beach is among the most visited tourist destinations in Anguilla. Located in northeast Anguilla, this idyllic beach is stunning and features some of the most vibrant water in the entire Caribbean. The beach is always relaxing and without any crowds. Many of the visitors face problems of beach chairs on many beaches but here, no one will grab your beach chair in your absence. Moreover, tourists can easily get snorkeling equipment as this beach is one of the best places to do snorkeling in Anguilla.

Located on the Southwestern end of the island, Rendezvous Bay is another popular beach in Anguilla. Known for its dazzling light blue waters, pristine sand, and the splendid sunshine; Rendezvous Bay is home to the famous Dune Preserves owned by the musician Bank Ebanks. The beautiful Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa is an award-winning resort that welcomes its visitors with a unique blend of Mediterranean architecture and excellent spa services. Moreover, tourists can also avail of a chance to play golf in its beautiful 18-hole golf course. Do not miss to try out the delicious food at the small outdoor restaurant named Sunshine Shack. This beach restaurant has a cool Caribbean environment that pleases its visitors with relaxing reggae music.

If you’re looking for luxury tourism then Maundays bay would be your best choice. Home to one of the most luxurious resorts in the world named the “Belmond Cap Juluca”; this scenic crescent-shaped beach is truly euphonious. The “Maundays Club” here is the best place to experience some of the amazing cocktails on the planet.

Another gorgeous Anguilla’s beach is the Meads Bay. Featuring the alluring turquoise water and velvety white sand, Mead Bay is the most crowded beach on the island. The dreamy beach is flanked with sumptuous resorts and fine restaurants along this captivating beach. This incredible beach will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and revived. Located on the northwestern part of the island, Meads Bay is truly a great place to hang out with the locals. Do not miss staying at the magnificent resorts like Malliouhana or Carimar Beach Club; and eat at the legendary Ocean Echo, Jacala, or Blanchards.

Little Bay – or also called “Little Anguilla Beach” is a gorgeous secluded beach with easy access. Indeed, this most relaxing beach on Anguillan Island is one of the top attractions in Anguilla. This breathtaking natural wonder is perfect for snorkeling, and scuba diving. Moreover, visitors can amuse themselves by climbing the rocks and jumping off the top into the water. The turquoise water of this utopian beach is truly beguiling.
Other famous beaches include “Cove Bay” – the best beach for swimming and kite surfing, “Captain’s Bay” – the most remote beach offers extreme privacy, and the “Sandy Island” – a gorgeous beach that truly describes the meaning of serenity. Due to its less crowded and striking beaches, Anguilla is a synonym of a Tropical Paradise that welcomes its visitors to explore its hidden secrets.


Anguilla Beaches: Get To Know Anguilla Beaches

buy prednisone for dogs Anguilla Beaches

Most of us associate the Caribbean with gorgeous beaches, plenty of sunshine, palm trees everywhere and gorgeous blue waters. If this is the best image to see during your vacations, then you will love to discover Anguilla. It is a beautiful island in the Caribbean, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year. The winds keep it dry, so there isn’t much rain or humidity here. The hottest months in Anguilla start with July and continue until October, including it, from December to February being the coolest weather. The average temperature throughout the year is 80 °F or 27 °C, so it is very pleasant no matter when you decide to come over. Plus there are some gorgeous beaches down here, which will make your experience in Anguilla even more enjoyable.

33 Beaches

To your surprise, there are no less than 33 fantastic beaches throughout the entire island. Yes, this many, each of them waiting for you with soft sands, sea breeze, and beautiful blue waters. But even so, there isn’t one to resemble the other, so you will never get tired of seeing beach after beach, as they all have something particular to offer. If you love powdery sands, white and soft, you need to visit Shoal Bay East. It was declared one of the most appreciated beaches in the world, due to its size and white sands. You will love walking and sunbathing here, as nothing can spoil your good mood. You can enjoy bars and restaurants in the area, and the area has great spots for snorkeling if you like this activity.

Sandy Ground

Another beach you may enjoy seeing is the Sandy Ground. People love coming here using boats, so you will see quite a few docked at its shores. But this place really gets crowded during the Anguilla Carnival, as there are boat races over here. It is the period when you’ll see most boats on one single beach. Not to mention the music, dancing, and great atmosphere, transforming this beach into a huge party.

Barnes Bay

But in case you wish for a calmer and quieter beach, where you can relax and enjoy the sun, visit the Barnes Bay. It has plenty green surroundings, it is usually not too crowded, and the sand is incredibly soft, without any seashells to harm your feet. Everything will relax you here, but you can always choose to go snorkeling, as there are some great areas to do that while visiting this beach.

The island is surrounded by an incredible number of beaches, each of them gorgeous, allowing you to make the pick you prefer most. So we won’t say no more, as we will let you discover other fascinating beaches in Anguilla. Luckily for you, there are many to choose from, making each day of your stay here exciting. But if you fall in love with one beach, in particular, no one will blame you. Each of us has a personal favorite, bringing back lovely memories, and wishing to visit it as soon as possible again.


Anguilla Hotels – The Best Hotels In Anguilla

Anguilla Hotels

Anguilla is home to some of the most luxurious and upscale hotels in the Caribbbean. Anguilla is just 12 miles away from St. Martin and has played host to Sandra Bullock, Beyonce and Jay Z, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.
As a prized luxury travel destination, Anguilla’s combination of pristine beaches, clear turquoise waters, exquisite dining experience, and exceptional service makes it stand out. Anguilla’s embargo on cruise ships creates privacy on the island, making it more private.
Visitors to Anguilla have plenty of quality options:

Four Seasons Resort & Residences

At the  Four Seasons Resort & Residences Anguilla, guests get to experience what is arguably the best hospitality in the entire Caribbean. Four Seasons is a relatively new establishment, having opened in 2016.
The room décor is decidedly Caribbean, and there is everything from guest rooms, to suites, to deluxe studios, to large beachfront villas with multiple bedrooms. The 35-acre property offers guests activities like beach yoga, sundowner drinks, and fine dining.


Malliouhana is an old name in Anguilla. Having opened its doors more than 30 years ago, Malliouhana remains as elegant as it was when it was first built on the cliffs. It offers cheerful Caribbean rooms and twin villas for larger groups of guests. Visitors love the Leon’s Beach Bar that serves traditional Caribbean food and drinks, like rum punch. It also has Bar Soleil that offers more high dining experience.

Frangipani Beach Resort 

Frangipani Beach Resort is a well-known boutique hotel that exudes an effortless elegance coupled up with excellent service. The hotel provides its guests with catamarans and paddle boards on a complimentary basis to explore Meads Bay. AT Frangipani Beach Resort, guests can eat grilled local lobster and sweet plantains. Do this at the Straw Hat Restaurant.

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

For guests who are looking for a good time on the golf course, the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa. The top tier golf course and spa are the main attractions, as is the Mediterranean architecture, elegant décor, and uber luxury service, CousinArt’s 91 suites and 7 villas are surrounded by a lovely view of the water and the plush golf course. The facility was renovated completely after Hurricane Irma.

Belmond Cap Juluca

Belmond Cap Juluca is surrounded by white sands and is one of the most family friendly resorts in Caribbean. Belmond Cap Juluca is a beautiful hotel that provides a variety of family friendly activities. Balmond Cap’s infinity pool, Arawak Spa, and the pristine beaches around it make it a dream for families.

Zemi Beach House

At the Zemi Beach House, a rum bar and dedicated rum concierge form one of the biggest attractions. The Zemi House Spa is located inside a vintage structure that has been standing for 300 years. Zemi offers one of the most stylist ambiance in Anguilla. Zemi is ideal for wellness and pampering. Inside the 
Spa is a hammam, Asian treatments, and mud decks.

Travel Tips

Flights To Anguilla – How Do You Get Here?

Getting to Anguilla

Anguilla is hard to get to compared to a few other Caribbean islands. This is a good thing because it helps to protect its exclusivity. But it also means that visitors have to make a little extra effort to get there. There are no flights landing in Anguilla. Visitors land at the nearly St. Maarten Island and reach Anguilla by Ferry or by small planes.

Anguilla is further up north than the other Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean. At 150 miles from Puerto Rico and 9 miles from St. Maarten, Anguilla is reachable via other nearby islands.Small carriers like Seaborne Airlines, Air Sunshine, Tradewind Aviation, Anguilla Air Services, and Trans Anguilla carry visitors to Anguilla once they have arrived at Antigua, St. Maarten, or San Juan.

There are three gateways to Anguilla

1. St. Maarten

Most of the main international carriers serve the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) in St Maarten. The visitors will fly from St Maarten to Anguilla using a small carrier. This is a brief flight taking only 7 minutes. Some visitors will use a private charter plane.
St Maarten is the closest to Anguilla compared to the others. Accessing Anguilla through a flight to St. Maarten is easy and more convenient than any other route.
Visitors arrive at the SXM Princess Juliana International Airport at St. Maarten. From St. Maarten, they can take a sea-shuttle to Anguilla, a ferry to Anguilla, or air transfer to Anguilla.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

It takes a one-hour flight from the Luis Munoz International Airport in San Juan to Anguilla. Travelers may use the small carriers like Seaborne Airlines or they may choose the option of a private air charter.

3. Antigua

Visitors to Anguilla from the United Kingdom will fly to Antigua and then take a small charter plane to Anguilla. Some companies fly local charter planes to the island every day.
Local flights also come in from San Juan, Puerto Rico every day.

Private Air Charter

Some travellers will use private charter planes from Antigua, St. Kitts, and many other islands in the Caribbean. All travellers coming into or out of Anguilla have to clear with the Customs & Immigration as well as pay $20 in airport departure tax.


Every 45 minutes, a ferry crosses from Anguilla’s Blowing Point and St. Maartin’s Marigot. The ferry departs from Anguilla to St. Martin between 730am to 615pm and depart from St. Maarten to Anguilla every 45 minutes starting at 815am-7pm. The trip is affordable. Travelers have to pay $20 per adult and per child of 12 years and above. Children under 12 have to pay $10.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships do not dock on Anguilla Island. The Star Clipper visits, standing off shore, and larger ships dock on St. Maartin. Visitors can then cross over to Anguilla from St Maartin.

A lot of visitors from the US connect through Atlanta and fly from Atlanta to ST Maarten. Once you are in St. Maarten, you can easily take a ferry to Anguilla. The ferry from St. Martin to Anguilla takes 20 minutes.
People who try to get to Anguilla via private boats or chartered yachts have to clear with Customs and Immigration upon arrival at Anguilla. Visitors are advised to carry small bills to pay tips to the porters and drivers who help them to carry luggage to the ferry.

Travel Tips

Anguilla Car Rentals – Do You Need One?

Driving Around In Anguilla

Driving around Anguilla is a disorienting experience, at least for the first few hours. After a little while, you will be accustomed to driving on the left side of the road.

You can pay for an Anguilla driver’s license, but you will probably still want a guide to be with you in the car even if you are the one driving. A temporary license which is valid for 3 months will cost you $25 and some paper work.

Why you want to Explore Anguilla by Car Rental?


Exploring Anguilla by rental car gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beaches. Practically every beach in Anguilla is public. This means that you can stop at any beautiful beach and explore it. Even hotels in Anguilla have to respect public beaches.
Beaches have special public beach access paths to allow people to walk into the beach. When in doubt, ask someone for directions and you will be sure to get there.The island has now recovered from the ravages of Hurricane Irma, and you can enjoy lush vegetation, beautiful beaches, and hotels and villas again.

No Pressure

Anguilla is small enough that you don’t have to worry about getting lost at all. You can wander around safely and hopefully discover a few treasures that you were not expecting to find.
What to Watch out for as you Book Anguilla Car Rental



Anguilla has a large number of roundabouts for such a small island, and they can be rather confusing because you have to figure out which exit to take. Taking a wrong turn is not a big deal though. You only have to turn around to find your way again.
Whenever you come close to an area with many residential houses, you might come across speed bumps, although there will be sign posts giving you a fair warning.



Sometimes travel insurance includes coverage for rental cars. See that it is Comprehensive car insurance so that you don’t run into unpleasant surprises. Sometimes travel insurance also covers other things like baggage delays, medical incidences, and theft.

Car Seats

Travellers who are coming with their children should let the Car Rental Company that they require car seats for their children. Carrying your car seat all the way from home to Anguilla will only burden you with extra baggage.

Extra Costs

Besides the cost of renting the car, you might end up incurring some extra costs. We have already mentioned the $25 Drivers License. It is possible to get additional insurance at $5 per day, booster seats and car seats at $5, rending beach chairs, coolers and an umbrella at $10.


While you won’t have too many cars creating traffic at Anguilla, you might find goats blocking your way as you move about the island. A little patience is all you need. You have to ensure that they cross safely.


Where to get a Car Rental in Anguilla?

When you first arrive at the airport, you might not get a car rental on arrival because they don’t work from the airport. But you can arrange for a taxi to take you to your hotel. This is convenient for first time visitors.
If you look around the city center or the airport, you will find rental car providers.

Choosing a Rental Car in Anguilla

If you plan on shopping or sporting activities, an SUV or truck will comfortably accommodate all your equipment. If you are traveling with your family or a group of people, a van is more spacious. If you are looking for a smooth ride and entertainment, a sedan might do.Driving around Anguilla is an idyllic experience because there is not much traffic. You will not be stressed at all.


August Monday in Anguilla

Santee August Monday in Anguilla


August Monday in Anguilla means that it is time to enjoy the carnival. Yes, this is one of the most important days of the local carnival, so much waited both by the locals and by the visitors of the island. During the carnival, Anguilla is colorful, filled with good mood, music, dances, food, events and much more. Even though the island is an oasis of calmness and serenity during the rest of the year, when the carnival starts, it all transforms into the largest beach party in the world. The first Monday is August is the start of these events, so if you are looking for a great dose of fun, you should not miss this.

Summer Festival

Catch the festivities that take place on the beach, which takes place during this period. What kind of festivities? Well, it is a carnival, so mostly it will be about various bands getting up on the stage and making all those people move and enjoy themselves. Believe it or not, this particular Monday starts very early in the morning. More precisely, the party begins with the Jouvert Morning Street Jam at 5 A.M. Also called the “Road March”, because it takes people from The Valley to the final destination, the Sandy Ground beach, the start gathers no less than 6,000 people. And this happens every single year. It is the announcement that the great beach party will begin, no wonder so many people are excited about it.

Ultimate Beach Fun

When you are tired of dancing, you can easily take a walk down the beach, and grab something tasty to eat. There are numerous barbecue stands that sell scrumptious chicken and ribs for the takeaway, so don’t let your stomach growling. As the party heats up, the sun being mostly responsible for it, you will see people cooling down in the sea water. So don’t hesitate to take your bathing suit underneath some light clothes, or just wear your bathing suit only. You will see many other prepared this way, as they know that it is much comfortable and easier like this. After all, it is a beach party. During this Monday, you will probably see the largest boat gathering at the Sandy Ground beach, due to two reasons. First, the neighbors come, from the surrounding islands, to attend the carnival in Anguilla, mesmerized by the outstanding atmosphere. Secondly, there is a boat race in this period, the participants wanting to show off their boats and skills as well.

Anguilla Carnival

Since we mentioned earlier that there is going to be music, a natural thing to understand when mentioning a carnival, do expect to hear some of the best music out there. International artists are common at the Anguilla Carnival, as it is the largest summer manifestation on the island. So do you want a summer filled with fun? Then you must book your vacation during the carnival, making sure that you are here to enjoy August Monday. Keep in mind that it is the first Monday of August so that you can plan accordingly. All that’s left to do afterward is to enjoy!


Weddings in Anguilla Weddings in Anguilla

Your wedding is the most special day of your life and what better way to celebrate your love than with a magical wedding on the stunning white beaches of Anguilla?

If a barefoot beach ceremony has always been a part of your wedding plans, but you also want to ensure your guests can relax in a calming and luxurious atmosphere, the good news is that Anguilla offers both! Its gold beaches and turquoise waters are located at a walking distance from the island’s private villas and 5-star hotels, which will make your wedding into an unforgettable occasion.

The tranquil beaches offer you the amazing opportunity to make your guests experience the same romance you and your significant others share, and the world-class renowned restaurants provide you with the chance to experience some exquisite local and international dishes. The private beaches and luxurious hotels and villas surrounding them make Anguilla the dream spot for any romantic wedding and a prime location to say “yes” with style!

In fact, the stunning natural beauty of Anguilla has already attracted a striking number of couples, looking for the ultimate romantic wedding, including some celebrities. The Anguilla Tourist Board caters specifically to honeymooners to ensure your wedding will run as smoothly as possible and making your big day into a dream come true. There are a number of wedding photographers, as well as other specialists which will help you plan every small detail of your wedding.

Take a walk down the tranquil shores, look into the eyes of your significant other and say yes near the clear, turquoise waters of this tropical paradise. Create a romantic atmosphere your guests are unlikely to ever forget by having your dream wedding in Anguilla!

Travel Tips

Where is Anguilla? Let’s Find Out Where It Is

Anguilla Island

If your dream vacation was always about plenty of sun and beaches, then Anguilla is the place to be. Gorgeous weather throughout the year, a high number of beaches, each one of them different, fantastic food that will spoil you, welcoming people and a perfect place to celebrate your events. Because of the stunning landscapes, it can be the ideal background for a wedding, especially if you dreamt about a beach wedding. But even if you have your wedding on Anguilla or not, it can still be the perfect choice for your honeymoon. It has everything you need for an unforgettable time, so you will not regret choosing it as your destination.

Vacationing In Anguilla

Anguilla is a destination covered by an atmosphere filled with tranquility and relaxation. Besides the times of the local Carnival and other major celebration, Anguilla is a quiet place, excellent for a vacation. But, if you like participating in a carnival, enjoy a large beach party, music, dances, and everything that composes such an event, then you should visit the island during this period as well. It depends on you, and what you are looking to get from your vacation because Anguilla has them all. The most crowded times in Anguilla are from the mid-July to the beginning of August, when the carnival takes place, and in the month of December, when people come here from areas with cold weather for the winter vacation. You see, Anguilla has a pleasant and warm weather throughout the year, so even if at your place it is cold and snowy, here the sun will always be present, a few spots of rain being the worst thing that could happen.

About Anguilla

So what is Anguilla all about? First of all, it is famous for its amazing beaches. There are so many beaches on the island that you won’t have enough time to visit them all. But do try to visit as many as possible, because each has something beautiful to offer, like a unique sunset. Also, there are a great number of luxurious hotels and spas, with pools, restaurants, and other facilities that will make your stay more enjoyable. Of course, you can always try smaller accommodation options, like inns, which are made by respecting the traditional style of the island, making you have a more authentic experience in the lifestyle of Anguilla. Don’t worry, as comfort and the high-quality of the services will not be compromised.

Things To Do in Anguilla

While you are here, you can do so many things for your enjoyment. Boating is a part of Anguilla’s lifestyle, yachts, and fast boats being available to take you out on the sea. Snorkeling, watching dolphins in their natural environment, serving delicious traditional recipes in restaurants, enjoying the terraces, and many other that wait to be discovered. So are you ready to visit this corner of paradise? You will be pleasantly surprised to see that people here are very friendly and relaxed, extremely willing to help you out, whether you need information, direction or a recommendation. It is like worries do not exist here, the beautiful weather having a constant positive influence on the state of mind of everybody, so do be prepared to join this group of happy people.